Junior Chef Class at Williams-Sonoma

Kids will have a blast learning to make pumpkin treats at this culinary workshop

Do you have a mini iron chef in your house?  Here's a perfect opportunity to nurture their interest in the culinary arts at Williams-Sonoma's Market Street Lynnfield location! There’s more to pumpkin than just pie – join us and we’ll teach you how to make delicious pumpkin treats you can share with your family and even take to your Halloween parties. Suitable for ages 5-13.

Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 10am

Sense of Wonder Walk: Spooky Spiders

Spiders are kind of spooky, but they are also very interesting and mysterious.

All spiders spin silk, but not all make webs to catch their prey. How does a spider spin a web and not get caught in it? Come and find out the other ways these fascinating little animals use their magic threads at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sun, October 16, 2011 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Children's Chess Club

Kids can learn chess from a master at the Abbot Library in Marblehead!

Learn chess from a master! From learning the movement of each piece to tactics and strategy, this program will give beginners and experienced players ages seven and up a new appreciation and love of the game. Senior chess master Mikhail Perelsteyn will be teaching on Monday nights from 6-8pm.

Beginners: Mondays 6-7pm
Advanced: Mondays 7-8pm
No Sessions on Monday Holidays
Abbot Public Library

Renaissance of Ravenswood: Walk Through the Centuries

Talk a walk through history at Ravenswood, and explore this wonderful park in Gl

Rescued Road, Revolution & Renaissance - Walk through history at Ravenswood Park! Ravenswood, over the centuries, has changed from once a main thoroughfare, to a backwoods, and now to our favorite local refuge. On this guided walk, we'll see the evidence from the past and learn the stories of a colorful cast of characters who help make Ravenswood the unique and special place we all treasure today. Pre-Registration requested

Second Sunday of each month through October 2014
Ravenswood Park

The Great Duck Migration

Learn all about duck migration at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary!

During the autumn months, thousands of migratory waterfowl fly directly over the sanctuary as they travel from their summer breeding grounds in the north to their winter homes in the south. Each night, hundreds of ducks drop into Bunker Meadows to rest and refuel for their journey. We will hike down to Bunker Meadows and climb the observation tower to observe the magnificent spectacle of ducks coming in to roost. Learn to identify different species, use counters to keep track of numbers, hear the sounds of ducks settling in for the night, and perhaps even a great horned owl in the distance. This is an evening not to be missed.

Saturday, October 11, 2014 5:30-7pm

Fall Foliage Paddle

Come see fall foliage from a different perspective on the Fall Foliage Paddle.

October is an excellent time to take in the spectacular and stunning colors provided by the Ipswich River. The riverside silver maples will be showing off their yellow-gold, while the cattails and other marsh grasses will provide beautiful greens and browns, all set against the winding blues and blacks of the river. Have your family join us for a few hours as we explore this pristine habitat via a gentle paddle in canoes. With a little luck we might encounter a beaver, otter, or muskrat as well!

Saturday, October 19, 2013 1-3pm

Lynn Woods Trails & Sails Walk

Thanks to Creepy-chusetts, Strange-chusetts for the great Lynn Woods Tower photo

Join the Friends of the Lynn Woods on this Trails & Sails 2014 walk through to Dungeon Rock and inside Stone Tower. Lynn Woods Reservation is the second largest municipal park in the greater Boston area. This 2,200 acre forest reserve consists of ponds, wetlands, streams, deciduous & evergreen forest and rocky ledge. The ponds provide the drinking water for the residents of Lynn and surrounding communities. Wildlife abounds in the forest. More than an aquifer, wildlife preserve, wilderness experience, Lynn Woods is a unique adventure.

Saturday, September 20, 2014 10am - 12pm
Sunday, September 28, 2014 10am - 12pm

Meet the Ravenswood Hermit!

From 1884 – 1917, Mason A. Walton lived a hermit's life in Ravenswood Park

From 1884 – 1917, Mason A. Walton lived a hermit's life in Ravenswood Park. He closely observed, wrote, and drew about wildlife behaviors and published a book in 1903. As we walk in his footsteps to the site of his cabin, we'll track signs of wildlife just as Walton did. Along the way we'll share tales from his book A Hermit's Wild Friends, only available used from Amazon: A Hermit's Wild Friends

Sunday, September 28, 2014 1-3pm
Ravenswood Park

Meet the Cows at Appleton Farms

Meet the Cows at The Trustees of Reservations' Appleton Farms in Ipswich Mass

Got Milk? Appleton Farms does! Come tour the dairy operation and meet the cows that make up the grass-fed dairy herd. Visit with calves, explore the pastures and meet the milkers in the dairy barn (ordinarily closed to the public). Lastly get a behind the scenes peek into cheese-making at our Dairy Processing plant.

Saturdays 2:30-4PM May through November 2014
Appleton Farms

Plum Island Lighthouse Tour

Be prepared to climb a steep ladder to get a view from this iconic Light House.

Enjoy a panoramic view of Salisbury, Newburyport, and the Isles of Shoals and much of Cape Ann  while learning about the history of the Plum Island Lighthouse. This FREE tour is offered as part of Trails & Sails 2014.

Sunday, September 28, 2014 1-4pm
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