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Tidepool Explorers at Halibut Point

The Tidepools at Halibut Point State Park are some of the best in New England!

Halibut Point State Park invites families to join them on a tide pool adventure! Halibut Point contains some of the best tide pools in New England. Join the Interpreter for a trip down to the rocky shore for some inter-tidal exploration. Learn about these interesting creatures living in a unique transitional environment. Meet at the Visitors Center in the park. For all ages. Rain or shine, pouring rain cancels.

Tuesdays, July 7 & 21, 2015 10-11am

Reading the Granite Landscape

Find out the story behind the granite at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport!

Halibut Point State Park is also a granite quarry with a history that goes back billions of years! A rock is not a thing but a drama, it can teach us about the great unifying science and the unique geology of Cape Ann. Rocks can tell us a lot about how the landscape was formed and the geology of Cape Ann tells us great stories, all visible at Halibut Point. Meet at the Visitors Center in the park. For all ages. Rain or shine, pouring rain cancels.

Sundays through July 2015 10-11am

Dragonflies in the Park

Kids will explore and learn about the dragonflies at Halibut Point State Park.

Explore the world of odonata, one of the oldest life forms on Earth. This is a great kids’ program and most appropriate for families. Meet at the Visitor Center.

Mondays Through July 2015 9-10am

Can You See Me?

Hiding in plain sight is beneficial to predators who are looking to spot prey.

Did you know that animals in nature play their own game of hide-and-seek? Join the Park Interpreter in this program to learn about the fascinating and creative ways animals have adapted to hide themselves. Meet at the nature Center. Appropriate for families with children.


Friday, July 3, 2015 3-4pm

A Pond a Week: Berry Pond

Discover what creatures live in New England Ponds at Harold Parker State Forest!

Let’s discover what lives in our tranquil New England ponds by exploring Berry Pond. Harold Parker has 11 ponds, 9 of which were created by the CCC. Learn their function and importance. Wear appropriate hiking shoes. It is recommended that you bring water, insect repellent and sun screen. Appropriate for all ages, must be able to walk several miles. Meet at the Nature Center in the campground.

Thursday, July 2, 2015 10am-12pm

Firefly Foray

Come Explore Maudslay State Park on a Firefly Expedition!

Fireflys, also called lightning bugs, appear for only a few weeks in the early summer to delight us with their luminous nighttime dance and light show. During this fun evening family adventure at Maudslay, learn about the life of a firefly and take a firefly walk led by the park interpreter. Bring a net or jar to catch fireflies, and learn how you can help with firefly monitoring. Comfortable walking shoes and bug spray are recommended.  Meet at the park headquarters on 74 Curzon Mill Road.

Saturday, June 27, 2015 8-9:30pm
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 8-9:30pm

Kayak to Choate: Island Tour

Take a guided kayak paddle to Choate Island with the Trustees of Reservations!

A paddle and a hike – what better way to spend a summer day? Join us as we paddle across Essex Bay from the Trustees of Reservations boat dock to Choate Island. We'll beach our boats for a tour of the island, stopping in at the Proctor Barn, the White Cottage and the Choate House, then continuing up to the highest point on the island where Cornelius and Mine Crane are buried. After the hike, we'll kayak around the island to enjoy the views from the water (tides permitting). You must be a competent swimmer to participate in this program, and have some previous kayaking experience.

Sunday, June 28, 2014 2-5pm

Family Campouts: Discovering the Sanctuary

Explore the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary after hours and join us for a night

Join us for a night of camping under the stars with your family! Have an early dinner at home, and then come with  your family and your tent. Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary protects many different habitats, and we will explore all of them this Father's Day weekend. We will explore nature through games and hands-on activities, set up our tents near the Barn before sundown, and tell stories after the sun sets.

Saturday, June 27, 2015 6pm - Sunday, June 28, 2015 9am

Family Dusk Paddles: Welcoming the Summer

Take a paddle at dusk and explore the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary!

Explore the Ipswich River at dusk. Bring your family and join us for an evening paddle in a canoe as we learn more about the river and some of its inhabitants. Celebrate the coming of summer with the solstice just around the corner. As we paddle along, we'll look for plants and animals that are equally excited about the approaching season.

Friday, June 19, 2015 6-8:30pm

Imagine, Sing, & Learn 6B: Hermits, Sea Stars, & Snails

Creatures of the tideland are the focus at this Imagine Sing and Learn at Joppa

This parent/child program is designed for the creative, curious, and active preschooler. Each 90-minute session offers a structured series of activities including original songs, movement, dramatic play, hands-on science, and a thematic snack. You'll receive coloring pages, song lyrics, vocabulary, a fun fact sheet, and a suggested reading list in an electronic goody bag!

Friday, June 19, 2015 10-11:30am
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