KNEX Colossal Construction Children's Museum of NH

KNEX Colossal Construction is a limited time engagement at CMNH

The Children's Museum of NH is offering a special limited-time interactive exhibit this summer called Colossal Construction. From July 16 - September 2, families can explore this new maker-space to build and create using thousands of K'nex building pieces and other materials. There will be daily challenges and opportunities to add onto community construction projects like roller coasters or build something completely new. There will also be building activities that use other kinds of materials. All of these activities are included with paid admission ($9 adults/children, $8 seniors) and free for museum members.

The enormous collection of K'nex building pieces were donated to the museum earlier this year. A local grandfather had created a huge motorized K'nex roller coaster in his home's basement for the enjoyment of his grandchildren. After he passed away, the man's family wanted to donate the display and contacted the museum. A team of Children's Museum staff members went to the home with a pick-up truck and spent hours loading up assembled sections as well as loose pieces. Some of the motorized sections will be on display as part of the Colossal Construction exhibit, while other sections have been dismantled, so there are thousands of pieces for children can use to create their own structures.

"We hope families with children all ages will come and enjoy Colossal Construction this summer," said Heidi Duncanson, Marketing Director at the Children's Museum. "Learning to think creatively and take chances on new ideas are the kinds of skills that can benefit children through their school years and beyond. We are looking forward to seeing what kinds of surprising structures are built by our visitors. Adults and teens are always invited to get involved alongside our younger guests."

Daily Through September 2, 2012